August 14, 2018
The Board of Tanvex Biologics Corporation (Taiwan), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tanvex BioPharma, Inc. (TWSE: 6541) has approved to expand process development capability from 2 Liter to 250 Liter scale, leading to the manufacturing of phase I clinical supplies.

With these in place, Tanvex Biologics Corporation (Taiwan) would be able to develop both Biosimilar and New Drug. It will be opportunity to create additional value to Tanvex Biologics Corporation (Taiwan) and therefore Tanvex over all.

On this stage, Taiwan subsidiary is in charge of developing cell line and initial stage bioprocess development. US subsidiary (Tanvex BioPharma USA, Inc.) takes over developed cell line and early stage bioprocess from Taiwan, continues on scale up process development and commercial production. Seamless cooperations between the two subsidiaries promote the Company’s overall international competitiveness.

About Tanvex
Tanvex BioPharma, Inc. (TWSE: 6541) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the biosimilar market. The Company is vertically integrated with end-to-end in-house development, manufacturing and commercialization capabilities. Tanvex BioPharma, Inc. is registered in Cayman Islands and has operations and facilities in Irvine, CA, San Diego, CA, and Taipei, Taiwan. Tanvex is publicly traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

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