By providing access to both intelligent capital investment and a broad, yet focused global network, Delos Capital Partners/Delos Life Sciences forms strategic relationships, encourages collaboration and advances science.
The United States has long been a hub for innovation in the life sciences market. Now, thanks to world-class scientists, researchers and infrastructure, coupled with strong government support, countries in the East, like China and Taiwan, are poised to play a prominent role in the global healthcare ecosystem.

Building bridges to connect these vibrant markets is the key to advancing science and developing new therapeutics and medical devices that can save lives and improve patients’ quality of life.

Delso Connects Companies

Delos Capital Partners/Delos Life Sciences is uniquely positioned to make valuable connections that will shape the future. The fund provides access to broad thinking and insight from industry veterans who know life sciences, understand the unique markets throughout greater China, and have proven experience bridging East and West business cultures and processes.

Delos Capital Partners/Delos Life Sciences is focused on science, data and charting the path for innovation and value creation. These are achieved by providing entrepreneurs access to its global ecosystem, encouraging strategic collaborations between companies around the world and building relationships that ultimately meet unmet medical needs or improve safety, efficacy and costs of existing therapies.