Delos Capital offers entrepreneurs capital, knowledge, experience and network for building life sciences companies that make a difference.


It all begins with an opportunity

By finding innovation on the forefront of science and technology across continents and cultures, then funding and fostering its growth, Delos Capital and its entrepreneurial partners are helping to shape the future.

Our mandate is to help patients with unmet medical need and we are committed to discover and support the development of novel medicines, diagnostics, and medical devices.

Delos Capital searches the burgeoning therapeutics and medtech marketplaces for the most promising companies and helps them open the doors to the future.

Delos Connects Companies

Through a unique combination of deep domain expertise, industry thought leadership and strong networks in the life sciences community, Delos Capital works with entrepreneurs to tap into new therapeutic area and unleash innovation.

Delos Capital is working hand-in hand with the most aspiring entrepreneurs as a partner to transforming their novel product and technology concepts into novel treatments for patients around the world.