Dr. Huang is currently the GM of Moderna Genomics (mGx) and Chief Scientific Officer of Autoimmune Therapeutic Area at Moderna, setting the portfolio strategy, creating a product pipeline and a robust discovery engine, and leading the preclinical development to the group’s first IND. He was the CSO of Moderna’s New Venture Labs, an internal incubator where a select group of scientists explores novel clinical applications of Moderna’s mRNA technology in immunology, neurology, chronic liver diseases, tissue repair and regeneration. Notably, Moderna’s infectious diseases vaccine platform that led to the COVID-19 vaccine was conceptualized and incubated in the New Venture Labs under Dr. Huang’s leadership. In addition, New Venture Labs has successfully incubated Moderna’s personalized cancer vaccine and its Autoimmune Therapeutic Area division. Prior to transitioning to his current R&D role, Dr. Huang focused his effort on business development and strategy, helping Moderna close the landmark transactions with AstraZeneca and Alexion in 2013 and 2014.

Prior to joining Moderna in 2012, Dr. Huang was a successful professional in business and corporate development in venture backed biotechnology companies, including Seaside Therapeutics, Stromedix, and Domantis.

Dr. Huang obtained his Ph.D. degree in Molecular and Medical Parasitology from New York School of Medicine and MBA degree from Boston University. He received his B.S. degree from Emory University.